Saint Joan

I had this idea back in the day, that in order to be a successful writer, you needed at least three things: A wide range of experience and worldly knowledgeA place you could go to, a respite of sorts: where inspiration and meaningful words could flow easilyTo have professional knowledge of literature, correct spelling and… Continue reading Saint Joan

The Truth Hurts

Okay, let's get serious for a moment. Depression: its been talked about until we are all blue in the face. Governments advertise ‘let's break the stigma’, or ‘talk about it’, or the newest one ‘Ask the question: R U OK?’. Charities support talking about pain or heartache. But something is still missing. Reality. I am… Continue reading The Truth Hurts


I have been pondering lately about life and how humans try to find some kind of meaning to the trials that they must endure. I have seen people change their opinions so drastically that I almost don't recognise them. I have a friend who, for years, was the most devoted Christian woman I knew. She… Continue reading Religion

Life Lesson

I was thinking about people today. I was thinking about how people can come and go in our lives like the tide. One minute they are amongst us and the next minute they are gone. Now, I would like to just underline that this is not referring to death – although this can indeed be… Continue reading Life Lesson

Dispelling myths

I have something on my mind that I have been wanting to write about for some time, however, I could never find the words – the right words to do justice to the pandemonium in my mind. Recently, I have heard comments made that shows the UTMOST arrogance, ignorance and general idiocy. I was in… Continue reading Dispelling myths


One of my favourite Disney movies is the Lion King. It has been a favourite of mine since I was little and every time I watch it, I can get pretty emotional. I spent a long time just watching it for the sake of watching it, maybe for the catchy songs or maybe because I… Continue reading Rafiki

An open letter to my Dad

I have no words to properly start this. I probably should, but I have no idea how to write it, so you’ll hear it. I have spent so long trying to tell you, trying to say what I mean and as always, I choke. But maybe, this time, I will be able to hold my… Continue reading An open letter to my Dad